Are you looking for answers? Are you looking for the truth? Please join us as we hear teachings based solely on the Word of God. We are blessed with ministries whose hearts beat as one -- for HIM!!

Sunday Worship Service: 9:00 AM at Riverside A/G (Join us for prayer from 8:45 AM)
Sunday School: 10:45 to 11:45 AM at Riverside (Men's class, Women's class & ALL ages)
Midweek Service: Wednesday @7:30 PM (Adult Bible Study, Boys Ministry & Girls Ministry)
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Senior Pastor : Rev. John Paul Mansour

Genesis Educational Center

Genesis Educational Center is licensed and accredited to provide a Bible-based Christian education from Nursery to Kindergarten. Our curriculum and extra curricular activities are carefully chosen to provide each and every student with a comprehensive learning experience.

Contact Info

Address: 317 Third Street, Jersey City NJ 07302
Phone: 201-798-0642
Fax: 201-798-1408

Our Vision

Connect, Grow, Serve, Worship, Go

Connect: We will be a church where people are joined into a Christ-centered community through authentic love and caring for one another. No one is excluded and unity is cultivated.
Grow: We will be a body of believers where discipleship is an international Biblically-based process of teaching, training and reflecting Christ.
Serve: We will be a church where our gifts and talents will be deployed for the strengthening, unifying and building up of the church and community.
Worship: We will be a spirit-filled, Christ-like church unified in worship that humbly serves with a spirit of excellence.
Go: We will be a church where evangelism is relationally driven, motivated by compassion and demonstrates Christ's love without any expectation in return.

Our Core Values

  • Embracing Cultural Diversity - The bloodline erases the culture line
  • Biblical Teaching - Igniting passion through the teaching of God's Word
  • Building Leaders - The perfect God using imperfect people
  • Family Culture - Safe, family-friendly environment
  • Giving - All for love
  • Missions/Reaching Others - Introducing the World to God

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